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When it comes to consultants, there’s a multitude of options to choose from. Regardless of the type of business, consultants can offer expert advice that will help any company thrive.

The following are eight different types of consultants that can assist in the growth of a business:


Strategy Consultant

If a company wants to begin thinking about its longevity, a strategy consultant is a way to go. Strategy consultants can offer expert advice in numerous areas, including managing a project’s financial aspects as well as working with financial resources. Strategy consultants generally work with top-level executives, including CEOs and CFOs.


Sales Consultant

Second, on this list of types of consultants are sales consultants. Just like the name implies, sales consultants offer advice in areas such as retaining customers and maximizing profits.

Marketing Consultant

Similar to the above-mentioned sales consultant, marketing consultants offer advice when it comes to promoting services offered by a business. This type of advice can include many aspects, such as creating marketing plans or implementing goals for a marketing team.

Financial Consultant

Financial consultants offer advice when it comes to increasing wealth. Areas they can assist with include helping with risk management and optimizing tax structures within a corporation.

Human Resource Consultant

Human resource consultants offer advice within a company’s hiring department. This type of advice can include improving employer to employee relationships along with making changes with management leaders.

Information Technology Consultant

Information technology consultants, or IT consultants for short, are generally separated into two categories. The first deal with upgrading IT systems to ensure everything is running smoothly. The second deal with regular maintenance. IT consultants work mainly on tech projects within a business.

Brand Consultant

Brand Consultants deal with a company’s image, dealing primarily with its public relations department. In many ways, they assist with how a company is perceived in the public eye and can be integral to its success. Projects they assist with include company logos as well as slogans.

Management Consultant

Last on this list is the management consultant. Management consultants deal with leadership structures within a company, assisting in areas such as employee relations and company direction. As can be seen, there are many types of consultants that a company can utilize. With the right consultant, a company can ensure its success and longevity in the business sector.

Scott Gelbard