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Job titles are typically an essential indication of what a specific role entails. Vague or broad position names, like consultant, offer little insight into expected job duties. A management consultant, like most other independent consultants, covers a variety of special projects. Each consultation project requires a slightly different skillset, and successful consultants are adept at knowing which techniques are most suitable for the situation at hand.


Subject Matter Experts

Although consultants are required to assess various business challenges, they generally have advanced expertise in one or more areas. Efficiency experts are well qualified to inspect production lines and internal processes. These consultants search for ways to improve efficiencies and help make businesses more profitable.

Corporate training consultants may take a different approach. These subject matter experts will still be interested in staff and processes but from an alternate perspective. Consultants focusing on training will determine which methods, equipment, and human capital slow down production efforts. These consultants may develop specialized training courses, or conduct team activities.


Project Development

Contractual services for management consultants often include project development and management services. Implementing a corporate overhaul, such as a merger or rebrand, definitely requires an experienced consultant’s help. Project management involves a hands-on approach and covers every phase of a project, from administration to punch list execution. Consultants may organize a bid process, approve subcontractors, or recommend best practices.

These undertakings are a sensitive and high priority, but they are also short term. Corporations fill the void and eliminating unnecessary staffing expenses by hiring a management consultant to organize and manage large projects. Professional management consultants may specialize in specific niches, such as construction, international expansion, and reputation management.


Miscellaneous Services

Aside from major initiatives, such as corporate mergers and new project development, management consultants are also called upon for other services. Consultants must have a wide range of resources, information, and personal contacts. Clients may need anything from a credit reference or background for a potential new business partner to standardized training on sexual harassment in the workplace.


Consultants are somewhat chameleons in the business world. They trek across multiple industries and offer a variety of services based on unique needs and urgent requests.

Scott Gelbard