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Due to the increasing number of graduate candidates and the market’s competitive nature, many companies are looking for specific attributes and skills in their consulting applicants. This is a list of some qualities that major firms look for in business consulting candidates.


High Academic Performance

Your academic success is critical for any candidate to be considered for a top role in consulting. It shows you can learn and graft, two key attributes in the field. A solid academic success history can also help you land a good job. In addition to having an excellent academic record, you should be able to provide detailed university results and predictions.


Relevant Work Experience

For many consulting firms, a work experience placement is essential as it shows that you have already tried out your skills. Ideally, this should be a vacation or internship that will allow you to develop an understanding of the industry. Work experience with a well-known brand is also beneficial as it shows that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform well in the field. In addition to being able to talk about the various skills that you have learned, it’s also vital that you can highlight the areas where you took the initiative and contributed.



People capable of handling various responsibilities and willing to step up to a challenge are often considered for top roles in consulting firms. If you have led a group or organized an event, this shows that you are capable of leading others.


Strong Presentation Skills

One of the most critical factors a good candidate should consider when it comes to becoming a consultant is their presentation. As a consultant, you can expect to be charged a lot of money and be expected to deliver high-quality work. A good presentation can help you land a good job and show that you can handle various tasks. A good candidate should also consider other factors such as their application form, CV, and interview attendees. Having a well-designed and organized application form can help you land a good job.


Well-Prepared for Consulting Challenges

After you have been through the interview stage, a consulting firm will most likely look for someone entirely dedicated to the field. A solid academic record and a good presentation can help you land a good job and show that you can handle various tasks. You should also ensure a few success stories to share with the interviewer and a good presentation. In addition to talking about your past experiences, you should also be able to demonstrate how you have solved a problem in a measured and methodical manner.


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