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Are you the owner of a business or company that’s looking to hire a consulting firm to help your organization grow? It can seem a bit overwhelming, especially given the lousy reputation consulting firms have gotten in the past. Here are five essential tips to hiring the right consulting firm for you

Be clear on what you need

Joe Farris said in Forbes to “treat your consultant like your doctor” and to give them as much information as possible on what you need the consultant for. No matter how insignificant, every detail will help the potential consultant better understand what your needs are and what you expect from them.

Look at their history

Any consultant you interview will try and sell themselves to you to get you to hire them, but it’s essential to look beyond the sales pitch at what their track record is. Don’t be afraid to ask for references from past clients and call them up to see how good the consultant you just interviewed is.



Make sure you are communicating with your consultant every step of the way, and don’t just treat them like a “visitor.” Treat them as a collaborator and extension of your team.

Talk money

Ensure the consultant’s fees are reasonable for the results you are expecting, and they are promising. Don’t be afraid to bring up numbers and budgets to ensure the consultant knows what they have to work with.

Consider qualifications

A lot of consulting firms require different things from their consultants, such as experience or education, but you probably don’t want a one-size-fits-all consulting firm. When looking at a consultant’s qualifications, do it on a case-by-case business. For example, if you run a restaurant, education in business but no experience in food may not fit and experience in food but no education in business.

Scott Gelbard