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Networking is a crucial part of the consultant’s life. It’s important to network outside of your industry and get involved in professional associations that may not be related to what you do. It would help if you also considered expanding into social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, as they are great for networking with people who share similar interests. The following five tips will help you learn how to network when you’re a consultant:


1) Get Involved With Professional Associations

Countless organizations cater to the consulting industry. Joining these groups will allow you to meet like-minded people and build relationships in areas outside of your own company or specialty area. For example, if you’re a sales consultant, consider joining an organization related to marketing or another topic that might interest other members. You can also build relationships with people who may have contacts in different industries and expand your network outside your industry sector.


2) Expand Your Social Media Presence

In addition to professional associations, you should consider expanding onto other platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. These websites allow you to connect with people who share similar interests, which can help grow your network of contacts in the consulting industry. Social media also allows consultants to have their voices heard by many different types of people. If you become a thought leader in your field, it will increase the likelihood that people will want to work with you and refer clients to your company.


3) Attend Industry Conferences

Industry conferences are a great way to meet new people and stay up-to-date on the latest trends in your field. The best part is that most of these events offer networking opportunities, where you can expand your network by meeting other consultants who may have contacts with similar clients as yours. In addition, it’s a great way to learn more about your industry and build relationships with other like-minded people.


4) Take Time to Give Back

The best way for a consultant to get ahead in their industry is by giving back. If you’re unsure what organizations need your help, consider volunteering at events or fundraisers hosted by local non-profits. This will allow you to network with other people who support the same important causes. If you find a lack of non-profit organizations in your area or industry, consider starting one yourself. This will allow you to control what happens in the community and grow your network with other people who share similar interests.


5) Take Advantage of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best networking tools when you’re a consultant. You can join groups that fit your interests or connect with other people by sending them messages and asking questions about their company. You should also consider uploading articles that will help others learn more about what you do, which in turn may attract potential clients.


Scott Gelbard